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Our Services

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We are excited to assist in crafting your upcoming event!

ESM Pros provides support
for events of all sizes

ESM Pros excels in supporting a wide variety of event types

Our services are custom-crafted. From providing VIP-level personnel for select events to offering comprehensive support, such as deploying 450+ on-site event ambassadors to assist with registration, education/conference activities, general directionals and crowd flow managers, transportation support, F&B staff, and more, we are here to ensure the team we develop for your event is tailor-made for your event. 

We understand that the energy, focus and ambiance of each event is based on its specific goals. Our team is experienced in developing and executing staffing plans for B2B Tradeshows, Medical/Scientific Conferences, Fan-Focused Conventions, Product Launches, Internal Sales Conferences, Technology Conferences, Sporting Events, Individual Brand Exhibits and many others.

ESM Pros employs workers as W-2 employees (or equivalent in international locations)

We reduce risk to our clients by ensuring compliance with local labor laws and regulations. Whether an ESM Pros sourced team member, or an employee of a partner,  we are focused on providing an attendee experience like no other while ensuring reduced liabilities to our clients.

ESM Pros provides global flexible staffing solutions

We hire staff local to the event location, providing a team who is knowledgeable about the event venue and market as a whole.
We also have a team of accomplished associates who can travel as needed to support larger programs and more specialized roles.
Whether you're looking for front-line on-site associates or logistics managers, we will make certain that the staff being assigned to your event have the correct skill-sets.

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