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Leadership Team

Our Team

Meet the Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team dedicated to crafting unparalleled experiences. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we come together to bring creativity, passion, and professionalism to every event. Get to know the faces behind our success and discover the collaborative spirit that drives us forward.

Photo of Ran Zookin - Founder and Managing Member

Ran Zookin

Founder & Managing Member

Ran is deeply committed to crafting exceptional interactions and holistic customer experiences. With a background in relationship-building roles, Ran has honed his skills in educating and assisting organizations to achieve their goals. His extensive tenure at an international staffing organization saw him rise from Staffing Coordinator to Director of Operations, where ensuring top-notch customer experiences was objective #1. Ran and his teams have touched the lives of millions of event attendees across diverse industries. In September 2021, Ran launched ESM Pros, an organization dedicated to providing specialized event staff and staff management solutions for events around the globe.

Photo of Tamara Clark - Staffing Manager

Tamara Clark

Staffing Manager

Tamara has always been focused on building lasting relationships. Having previously worked as a Brand Ambassador, Associate Supervisor, Event Manager and Recruiter, Tamara understands the importance of matching both the hard skills, and the soft skills, of our staff to roles in which they can thrive. Her natural authenticity, and the desire to build relationships with like-minded genuine humans, combined with her tenured experience in the events industry, gives her the ability to bring great insight into, and add another dimension to, the event planning and execution stages. Ultimately, Tamara ensures that the attendee experiences we craft align with the brand and ambiance of our partner-clients.

Photo of Yuval Zookin - Account Manager

Yuval Zookin

Account Manager

Yuval brings over a decade of extensive experience in event management and staffing, having excelled at every level of the event staff hierarchy from frontline roles to strategic leadership positions. His hands-on journey spans diverse industries, providing him with a profound understanding of what constitutes a truly exceptional event. Yuval's expertise extends to comprehensive event logistics, staff scheduling, training, and management, all aimed at delivering unparalleled service and expertise to clients and ensuring each event leaves a lasting positive impression for their joint attendees. His relentless pursuit of excellence and customer-centric ethos make Yuval a trusted partner for transforming event visions into reality.

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