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Powered by Relationships

We bring a consultative approach to our solution offerings. Our team acts as an extension of yours with a focus on ensuring a superior event experience for your attendees. From pre-event planning to on-site execution and post-event review, we treat our clients as partners. We help to identify potential staffing and staff management needs, provide experience-centric solutions and do so while keeping our partner clients' budgets in mind. Through both internally developed teams, and strategic global partnerships, we ensure your event is fully staffed with top-quality brand representatives.

Crafting Personal Connections

ESM Pros is a solutions-driven event staffing and staff management organization focused on the events industry. Unlike traditional staffing agencies who only provide you with staff to support your event, ESM Pros provides start-to-finish staff management solutions supporting the entire process. From needs assessment, schedule creation and event staffing pre-show, to on-going management and post-event budget review and future planning, we are diligent in every step along the way. We know that every event is unique and the related needs may be supported differently. Together, you and ESM Pros can ensure your attendee experience is represented in alignment with your brand, regardless of whether the individual interactions that comprise that experience are with your full-time team or ESM Pros team members.


Seamless Coordination

Reliability & Consistency 

Client-Centric Service

Flexibility & Versatility

Connecting the Dots

Headquartered in Las Vegas, ESM Pros supports events across the globe. Our expertise lies in harmonizing diverse information and seamlessly integrating various logistical components. We understand that well crafted experiences are based on individual interactions, and each one is important. This is why we ensure that the staff we provide fully fit the needs of the jobs into which they are assigned, both in terms of hard and soft skills. It is through this careful process that we establish and uphold the trust of our clients and are able to offer precise solutions for their events.

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